about shirley

Shirley Ploog, a Visual Artist based in Barwon Heads, Victoria is deeply passionate about nature, drawing inspiration from her daily walks and coastal explorations. Her artistic journey revolves around capturing the fragility, tranquillity and beauty of nature, seeking to unravel the very essence of the environment.

As a dedicated observer of the natural world, Shirley engages in delicate mark making and explores subtle shifts in colour in her artwork creating a sensory experience that goes beyond the visual. Her pieces convey a gentle delicacy that reflects her profound connection with the landscapes she encounters. Through her art, she strives to evoke feelings and memories, capturing the curious aspects of nature and delving into its minutiae.

With a philosophy entrenched in walking, observing and imagining, Shirley Ploog’s artistic expression becomes a harmonious blend of creativity and environmental contemplation. Her work stands as a testament to her commitment to unravelling the intricate tapestry of the world around us.

Shirley has participated in numerous solo shows and group exhibitions and her work has been showcased and celebrated by diverse audiences. Shirley is set to feature in a solo show at Tacit Galleries in October 2024 and she has also garnered recognition with her selection for the prestigious Artist in Residence program at Ballara Art Retreat on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia in March 2024.

Adding to her accolades Shirley has been recognized as a finalist in esteemed competitions including the Heysen Prize for Landscape, The Maldon Landscape Prize, The Omnia Art Prize, and the Maritime Art Prize. These accolades affirm her commitment to excellence in capturing the essence and beauty of nature through her artistic endeavours.