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Shirley Ploog

Shirley Ploog is a Melbourne based Visual Artist who is passionate about the environment.

Her work is a response to the beauty of nature as well as the impact mankind is having on our environment. Through her objectifying nature’s elements, often larger than life, forms are given a sense of reverence, an intimate portrait, an opportunity for the viewer to see elements of nature as if for the very first time as well as connecting on a metaphorical level to the demise of our planet.

Nature’s young, perfect forms is not what appeals to Shirley. It is when Nature ages, when crinkles form, colours change, blemishes appear and forms change shape with marks of experience. These imperfections give Nature and it’s aging forms beauty, it tells a life story in Ploog’s world. Through her selected substrates of drafting film and canvas, she takes her selected objects of nature and applies oil, graphite and or charcoal to give a sense of fragility, a delicacy and a sense of awareness of the ephemeral nature of all things on this earth. In a world today when perfection is everything appreciating and embracing our imperfections as we age is an important aspect to Ploog’s work.


Shirley has been selected as a finalist in numerous art prizes namely the Wyndham Art Prize, Stanthorpe Art Prize, Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize and Lethbridge 10,000 Art Prize. She has had 5 solo shows in the last 5 years and this year already is shaping up to be another big year for Shirley.

Shirley’s year commences with a group show at The Melbourne Flower and Garden Show in March. She has also been selected to participate in the Canterbury Art Prize held in May and has also been selected to complete a residency and solo show at The Art Vault in October.



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