About Shirley

Shirley Ploog

Shirley Ploog is a Melbourne based Visual Artist who is passionate about the environment.

Her work is a response to the beauty of nature as well as the impact mankind is having on our environment. Through her objectifying nature’s elements, often larger than life, forms are given a sense of reverence, an intimate portrait, an opportunity for the viewer to see elements of nature as if for the very first time as well as connecting on a metaphorical level to the demise of our planet.


Shirley has recently completed her Visual Arts Diploma and participated in a number of successful group exhibitions – M Collection, Scope Galleries Art Award, Albert Park College Art Show, 40 x 40 Brunswick Street Gallery and Belle Arti Prize to name a few. In 2016 Ploog was selected as a finalist in the M Collection Art Prize, Scope Galleries Art Award and Wyndham Art Prize. In 2017 she has once again been selected as a finalist for the Wyndham Art Prize and been highly commended for her work ‘Liquid Folds’.


2017 promises to be an action packed year for Ploog having returned inspired from her 3 month artist residency at Galerie Huit, France. She is currently working on her solo show to take place later in the year at Tacit Contemporary Gallery with her preferred substrate of drafting film combining her drawing and painting skills.



Curriculum Vitae – Shirley Ploog

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